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We are Suvi Art

We're two friends who share an unbridled passion for creating handmade floral pictures that bring the beauty of nature right into your everyday space.

It all started as a result of our long-time friendship and a love for everything colourful and bright. We're not your typical fancy studio; instead, we work our magic from the comfort of our little home studios. It's where all the creativity and inspiration flow freely, making each piece we craft truly unique and full of heart.

For us, art isn't just about paintbrushes and canvases—it's about weaving the magic of wildflowers into each handmade creation. We pour our hearts into every single piece, ensuring that it carries the essence of nature's wonder and beauty.

Whether you need a stunning centrepiece to brighten up your living room or a thoughtful gift to surprise a loved one, our collection is here to spread the joy and warmth of wildflora art.

So, come on in, take a stroll through our online studio, and experience the love and magic that goes into every floral masterpiece. With Suvi Art, you're not just getting a picture; you're getting a piece of our friendship and passion, wrapped in the delicate petals of nature's finest. We can't wait to share our creations with you! 

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